Welcome to the journey!


Kick off your shoes, slip into your jammies, and grab yourself a cup o’ joe. It’s time to get comfortable with the future.

The future is both exciting and dreadful. It’s full of adventure and monotony. It’s full of vacations and bills. Most importantly, the future holds the start of your career and the awkward transition that gets you there.

Take it from me, it’s important to plan for that awkward transition. I graduated with the class of 2017 and walked off stage feeling like a damn Queen. As the weeks turned to months without a career, the façade crumbled. I depended heavily on my credit card, my Queenliness faded into mopie-ness, and my career looked impossible to grasp. Five months passed, I finally morphed from disgruntled caterpillar to monarchical manager lady.

Before you find yourself feeling like a disgruntled caterpillar, embrace the future! Save for it. Plan for it. Acknowledge it.

Then, you too can find yourself in awe at Sydney’s skyline, or anywhere your heart desires.



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